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DeathPuss au where Puss is this prince who constantly is out of his castle out of pure rebelliousness, and Muerte is an enemy assassin from an opposing kingdom, but when they both meet Puss is currently trying to hide from his kingdom and keep his identity hidden, and Muerte has no idea who the hell this ginger kitty is. And it's just this whole adventure with them hiding something very big from each other, kinda like SpyXFamily (SORRY ABOUT THIS LONG ASS TEXT)

Ok honestly, not that much into royalty AUs bc they often turn out the same and thus boring to me.... BUT.... this one sounds damn interesting tbh
So they meet and kinda hide from the same people which probably also befriends them and without them both knowing why which is so juicy, esp when they end up so deep into each other and then the twist comes out and WHAT WILL THEY DO THEN?! ewe oohohoho

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