𝘍𝘰𝘳 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘦𝘺𝘦𝘴 𝘰𝘯𝘭𝘺,

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Holmes · 12d

Describe Jinji

Holmes · 3d

I see. Thank you for sharing, pretty. It does helpful! Have a great weekend! 🥰

No problem! Feel free to ask anything else and I’ll try to help as much as I could yaa. Have a nice one too, gorg! 😘

Holmes · 3d

DAMN. You wash your hair once a week? Gimana cara managenya biar tetep bagus for the rest of days deh because my hair bagusnya cuma bertahan sampe 3 hari. Do you use dry shampoo or not? And oh, for perambutan, do you shave them or wax them atau you go to the salon?

YES I SWEAR. If you say bagus as in with styling, sorry to disappoint but I have hair curly iron aja nggak dipake samsek dari awal beli lol. 😭 Tiap hari juga naik gojek but I always use plastic shower cap to protect it from the helmet. I’ve also never dyed my hair before so that’s that. I guess it’s bc mine is already naturally straight so it doesn’t look messy? And no I don’t use dry shampoo! Also for the OTHER hair thingy, I always wax for legs at Waxhaus. For armpits, I always use electric shaver! As for arms and mewmew, I’ve never done anything.

Holmes · 3d

Tell me– us, your hair and body care routine pleaseeeeeee.

Holmes · 3d

are you close with someone romantically?

Didn’t expect this question would be on my 2024 bingo card but no I’m not! 👍🏻

Holmes · 3d

Thank you, pretty! You’re so breathtakingly pretty btw I forgot to say this 🤧

THANK YOU AND SO DO YOU!! Bet you’re gorg as fuck I wanna build a temple for you 😔🥀

Holmes · 4d

Where did you usually buy your jewelery? Especially the earrings on your last vids 🫠

HI! I rarely buy jewelry but mundaythelabel & Gush Studio will always be the first go-to. 🤩 Kalo yang aku pake di situ beli di shopee and it cost me no more than 70k! Just search “teardrop earrings” and you’ll find tons of it. But mine is from Izso in size 3.1 cm and Angels Silver color.

Holmes · 7d

Suka cewe cantik gak femme

Ini nanya apa ngasih tau? Nggak ada tanda baca jadi bingung but I swing both ways yaa yuhuu

Holmes · 8d


Ew cuz she’s so disgustingly hot? I am babe! Wanna kiss this sexy juicy ass of mine? 🤤

parasythe · 4 answers · 11d

Tell me some of your recent top songs, guys! 🌟

Adore U - Khalid, Sticky - KIOF, B.A.D - Denise Julia, You’re The One - KAYTRANADA & Syd, Nasty - Tinashe, Skin to Skin - Monica Karina & Dipha Barus

Holmes · 15d

Have you ever written code?

amin · 9 answers · 16d

Tell me your favorite series of all time (butuh tontonan untuk nanti).

HOUSE, M.D. dan jajaran series kedokteran lainnya, they can never go wrong (besides being scientifically incorrect at times)

Rick · 6 answers · 16d

Tell me your comfort food/drink!

Indomie goreng jumbo, nasi bakar cumi, es teh manis. Kalo bentuknya orang udah gue ewe sampe lumpuh.

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