대한민국, Miss 'K.

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Nibiru Ortalè.


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── 🝳 · 12 answers · 6d

kalo gak jadi manusia kamu pengen jadi apa? kenapa milih jadi itu?

Bluesour · 7mo

You're doing great Biru, thank you for being born. there's many people who loves you, please be happy! —umik

Bluesour · 8mo

Curious, on your loc is your lover's name?

Gracia · 6 answers · 10mo

you did your best.

this is what i need, from whoever it is. thank you, gracia! this means a lot to me even more than that

Bluesour · 10mo

how can i talk to you?

· 4 answers · 10mo

How was your August so far? 🩷

my august was like a rollercoaster, but it's better, cause this month i haven't cried yet, hehe:p

Bluesour · 10mo

i want to blow my brains out

Lily · 28 answers · 10mo

Menurut kalian bubur diaduk atau gak diaduk itu penting gak 🙂

Bluesour · 10mo

Is there someone who has caught your attention?

ROUGE. · 9 answers · 10mo

What will you do if things don't go as planned?

i'll definitely feel sad, tapi ya aku juga tau kalo semua emang gak harus berjalan sesuai rencana. i'll change my plans and reorganize again, one failure does not mean you will fail again

Bluesour · 10mo

hi kak biruuu! bolee tau gak kalo upchar pake effect apaaa??? hehehe soalnya effeeectnya bagus

hi sendernim! boleh bangeeet dong. sini dm ya nanti aku bisikin, soalnya ini secret recipe:D

kai ✧.* · 15 answers · 12mo

lagu galau yg galau bnaget apa

Jakarta hari ini, Anaheim, Backburner, Oceans & Engines, Enchanted, Back to december

⁠Goldie · 4 answers · 12mo

pernah gak, di tengah malam yang sunyi, tapi yang ada di pikiranmu cuma cublak cublak suweng.. padahal lagi mgantuk

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