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Noddleheads · 26d

if you could teleport to your favorite anime, film, Kdrama or series, what would you choose? 🎬

I'll go to 2521 and scold baek yijin for having those kind of thoughts, so the "..meskipun terlambat, selamat atas perknikahanmu Na Heedo" will never exist. They will marry each other!

shakie 𐙚 · 41 answers · 24d

lagu apa yang lagi sering kalian dengerin akhir-akhir ini?

𝜗𝜚 “ Yumiko. · 1mo

Hello, heretofore I saw your existence on my timeline. I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to follow you, and here I am. Hence would you like to be my mutuals/pals? If you don’t mind. Thank you!

Hello, Yumiko. I would love to accept the idea of having you around as my pals and no, it's really not a bad idea. A follow has been sent to you in this platform! But if thats possible if we become a pals in twt as well, sure i'd love to

shakie 𐙚 · 1mo

hello! can i get a follow back? aku sender ssefnum, tia :D

Noddleheads · 1mo

Apa benar kura-kura kalau boros berubah nama jadi hura-hura?

Jere. · 1mo

Oi Gale, minat naik angkot gratis gak?

Noddleheads · 1mo

Apa gaya favoritmu ketika diajak make out?

Evander Caiden. · 1mo

Gale coba lihat ke kanan, ke kiri, ke bawah, terus ke atas.

Udah bang, jangan lupa hari minggu dresscode nya warna kuning udah kaya instruktur aerobik ibu bhayangkari

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