Euonymous · 7mo

kak bagaimana cara kamu mengekspresikan rasa sayang untuk pacarmu?

Honestly, I'm confused about answering this. Because my boyfriend is no longer in this world. All I can do is miss him all the time, remember him, cry over him, and re-read our funny, random, and sweet conversations. I still love him to this day, still often write to him, still celebrate our mensiversary, still listen to the songs he gave me, and still watch the films he likes too. That's all I do to remember him in my heart.

Another explanation is that if I had a boyfriend, I would express my love for him through the five existing love languages. I would make sure to spend quality time with him, show him physical affection, give him thoughtful gifts, use words of affirmation to express my love and appreciation for him, and perform acts of service to make his life easier and show him how much I care. I believe in expressing love in various ways to ensure that my boyfriend feels cherished and valued in our relationship.

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