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Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy. Ⳋ ⊹ ࣪

Malibu Hills, CA
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Euonymous · 6mo

kak... sebenernya aku suka kaka (bukan sukanya suka gimana sih ngomongnya aku bingung sendiri) kayaa kaka tuu auranya positive banget omaagaa :)) kaka kayanya suka ngetik panjang ya? aku liat jawabannya panjang" semua. aku demen bacain, TAPI ITU BAHASA INGGris ૮(˶╥︿╥)ა eh tapi gapapa si... MELATIH KEMAMPUAN BAHASA INGGRISKU(ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈)ꕤ.゚ okiee selamat malam kaka cantik... mwah

lluwii ᶻ 𝗓 𐰁 .ᐟ · 6 answers · 6mo

manteman retroku yang baik hati🥺 doainn luluu yaa, semoga nanti saat PAS lancar jaya, tak ada hambatan dan dimudahkan dalam belajar dan menjawab soal
(。•́︿•̀。) love u all :) semoga kalian semua uga dimudahkan(´▽`♡)

Euonymous · 6mo

padahal udah pake filter tapi kok tetep jelek ya? jangan jangan aslinya lebih burik makanya post foto pake filter yang tebel banget? minimal malu kalau mau mirip miripin sama karina.

Oh, so you hate me for using filters in my photos, or for my friends saying that I look like Karina? And you think I'm ugly? Well, how about you, anon? How beautiful are you? But it's okay; I'm not offended by your words. I know for a fact that you're the type of natural girl who never uses a filter in any photo, right? Good for you. But the truth is, you're no better than me. If you're brave enough, say that to my face. I bet you wouldn't dare, right? 😋 So you might as well keep on ranting and stay tuned for my next selfie.

Mayie. · 20 answers · 6mo

hey! lemme kno, if you can choose one cookies or bread or cake, which one your favorite? 🧐

My absolute favorite would have to be cake. And it must be chocolate. There's just something so indulgent and satisfying about sinking your teeth into a rich, moist slice of chocolate cake. The combination of decadent cocoa flavor and creamy frosting is simply irresistible. Plus, there's an added element of celebration and joy that comes with cake, whether it's for a special occasion or just a sweet treat to brighten your day. So, if I had to pick just one, it would definitely be cake, and it would absolutely have to be chocolate.

Jayden · 7 answers · 6mo

What memories can still make you smile until today?

Mayie. · 18 answers · 6mo

kalian lebih suka baca AU atau Novel sih? (romantic version)

I'm sorry, but I don't particularly enjoy either AU or novels, especially when it comes to the romantic genre. I find that I have a hard time connecting with the characters and the storylines in these types of literature. However, I can appreciate that many people find joy and comfort in reading AU and romantic novels, and I respect their enjoyment of them. For me, I prefer to explore other genres and forms of storytelling that resonate more with my personal tastes and interests.

Gebiel Edelio · 8 answers · 6mo

December is coming, any wishes for this month?

Euonymous · 6mo

I wonder how many filters you put on a single selfie?

Euonymous · 6mo
hilang · 4 answers · 6mo

what will you fight for until the day that you die?

hilang · 13 answers · 6mo

what do you think is more important: exploring the world or yourself?

hilang · 11 answers · 6mo

is it worse to fail at something or never attempt in the first place?

hilang · 12 answers · 6mo

would you rather be hated or forgotten?

Euonymous · 6mo

kak bagaimana cara kamu mengekspresikan rasa sayang untuk pacarmu?

Sh. · 10 answers · 6mo

Would you rather lose someone you love or lose yourself?

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