Euonymous · 7mo

Hi! I'm your secret admirer (dateng lagi maaf kalau gak diundang..)

I feel warmth when reading your response. You've tried soo well and spread positivity to everyone, including me. What's personal to you or what you feel doesn't need to be shared, that doesn't diminish anything about you. You remain yourself, and even clever in handling it! I certainly appreciate that, thank you for trying! Thank you for answering my hidden questions, I'm so delighted. Please be my older sibling! You deserve appreciation for everything you've tried and been through, sis!

Hello once again, my adorable secret admirer. It brings me so much joy to see you back in my inbox, even without an official invitation. Your presence brightens my day, and I am truly grateful for the time you take to send me such sweet messages.

I am continually amazed by the content of your messages and deeply touched by your kind words. Your assessment of me means a lot, and I can't thank you enough for the warmth it brings to my heart. Your message this morning started my day with a smile, and I feel inspired to spread love and positivity today.

Of course, I'm willing to be your older sister! Come to me! I am more than happy to be your older sister! If you haven't followed my account, please press the follow button. And just mention me; I'll reply as soon as possible. See you later, my sweet secret admirer and future little sister!

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