Euonymous · 6mo

padahal udah pake filter tapi kok tetep jelek ya? jangan jangan aslinya lebih burik makanya post foto pake filter yang tebel banget? minimal malu kalau mau mirip miripin sama karina.

Oh, so you hate me for using filters in my photos, or for my friends saying that I look like Karina? And you think I'm ugly? Well, how about you, anon? How beautiful are you? But it's okay; I'm not offended by your words. I know for a fact that you're the type of natural girl who never uses a filter in any photo, right? Good for you. But the truth is, you're no better than me. If you're brave enough, say that to my face. I bet you wouldn't dare, right? 😋 So you might as well keep on ranting and stay tuned for my next selfie.

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