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ANGEL, I fawn over your listography (i'm "s." in your followers) - can you tell me the trick to linking past posts? Some of them work, most of them lead to an error page. You'll see it on my archive list :c

hii! you're so sweet! btw i actually browsed through listography today and landed on your profile and literally said to my sister that your profile is so nice ! so nice coincidence that you're messaging me now! hope you've had a nice christmas if you celebrate!

concerning your problem: i think i know what's wrong. your URLs are incorrect, e.g. your 2021 movie list URL ends in "2021" instead of "2021_–movies.". But I think you probably pasted it in correctly, I know for a fact that listography has trouble with link URLs that contain underscores () because it thinks it's the formatting for bold/italic text, so URLs with _ in them sometimes break. (I've had this problem with Wikipedia links)

Solution: either
A) rename your lists so that the URLs won't have a _ in them, or

B) use a URL shortener (e.g. and link to the short URL instead, or

C) use the permalink of the list instead of the normal one. It looks like this:<YOUR USER ID>&lid=<THE LIST ID>
and doesn't change when you rename a list. It also doesn't have a _ in this, which is why it works.
There are two ways of getting this URL:
1) update your list, go to the profile of someone who follows you (e.g. me) and click on your own list in the "bookmarks" section on the top right. now the URL you see in your browser bar is the permalink one instead of the usual one.
2) use this script that I created for myself:

hope that helps!! listography is a bit buggy sometimes haha.
Happy new year!

Retrospring uses Markdown for formatting

*italic text* for italic text

**bold text** for bold text

[link]( for link