someone · 4mo

Have you heard of Listfauxgraphy? People have been coding their own pages inspired by listography because the customization options on the real one are too limiting !! It makes me super sad because listo is my fav site but the user potential is soooo wasted. What do you think about it as a web dev?

I haven't heard of it! Just checked it out, and if I understand correctly it's just someone's personal homepage (hosted using neocities) with the layout looking kind of like listography. In fact, it's probably possible to do that with userstyles (to change colors and fonts on a website etc). I didn't see a "real" way to register/login but maybe I'm missing something? Overall I totally agree that listography doesn't have many options (though that's understandable, because it's a team of only 2 people). I actually started working on my own site inspired by Listography (where it's actually possible to register) but real life has been so stressful that I haven't been making progress - maybe/hopefully I can finish it this summer.

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