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About Listfauxgraphy: I actually discovered it on GitHub !! So this person made their code available for other ppl to add to their own personal sites. And your right it's just a page for looks and not funcional at all. But that's what I thought was super interesting about it !! The fact that ppl would rather have a static copy of the real thing that they can customize however they want other than the one that's actually functional but looks kinda rough. So I guess it was more a question of how do you view ppl choosing looks over functionality as web dev, but now I'm really curious about your site and excited to use it too !!

Ahh that makes a lot more sense! I honestly value customization/looks in general very highly so I definitely understand that part. Personally I am just too lazy to maintain a static website like that, so I'd much rather just click "edit" on listography. Plus I love the social aspect of listography that gets lost with static sites. I also personally don't think listography is ugly or anything (except that it doesn't work on mobile), because I like the simple style -- But I can see why some people might disagree with that haha! In general I would say that functionality > looks, always, but it depends on what you define as "functional" - If a static website is enough for someone that is also "functional" :) And thanks for your interest!! I really hope I'll have time to at least finish a beta version! :) If you have any feature suggestions/wishes feel free to tell me!

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