Kate Matsuda asked 2 months ago Β· 4 answers

We know age is a social construct though we all know that decay is something different. I mean I got wrinkles but not yet so much. But people almost always estimate my age ten years younger so so. And I met this person fresh out of school who was so wise and mature and somehow "old" in so many ways I could not believe her age of 20. I would have estimated her to be about 38 or 40. But her smooth face didn't fit. And then there are those guys I had in that meeting in Paris. Almost twice my age. Still boys. Still in the sandbox. Still ready to pee on the sandcastles of others. Never got beyond 6. Sigh.

I can't tell how old anybody is by looking at them anymore, and I'm not asking straight out, so I just wait for them to reference 90s shit only someone alive at the time would get...yeah and we have our middle-age crises as dudes, hits some of us worse than others...some revert to childish behavior...my plan is to become a boat guy - captain's hat, flower shirt, cargo shorts, loafers with no socks and I'm not bothering anybody unless they just want to hear my embellished tales from the high seas

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