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Yeah baby right here... This is the spot...


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Arman asked about 17 hours ago · 6 answers

How do you know you're hot?

This cutie was totally desperate for a picture of me! I mean, for an ID badge but still

Arthur asked 1 day ago · 10 answers

Explain your sense of humor.

George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and the Cryptkeeper from Tales from the Crypt all rolled up into one

Arman asked about 17 hours ago · 12 answers

What would you say if someone told you: "The happiest day of your life was worse than my average Tuesday"?

Arman asked about 17 hours ago · 11 answers

I'm not British enough to ___.

Kate Matsuda asked 1 day ago · 8 answers

What do you have for dinner today? I'm out of any ideas! help!

I'm ordering Thai, pad see ew with shrimp, I don't know where you come down on seafood though

parisx asked about 24 hours ago · 10 answers

Do you like the rocky horror picture show?

Meh, the only musicals I'm into are Little Shop of Horrors and Jesus Christ Superstar

Arthur asked 1 day ago · 12 answers

Would you like to be an influencer?

Yes I am trying to influence Sofia Vergara to go out with me

Daniel asked 7 days ago · 17 answers

Who is one of your favorite youtubers?

I like The Spiffing Brit - he just breaks video games, showing how to do all kinds of cheaty broken exploits and stuff for a bunch of different games (as you may expect, Skyrim features prominently on his channel) also he's pretty amusing when he's doing it

LaDamaX asked 11 days ago · 13 answers

What can you not resist no matter how hard you try?

I wish I could drive past this chicken place and not pull in there and order me a whole-ass bird with a nice side of platanos

LaDamaX asked 7 days ago · 10 answers

What regrets do you NOT wish to have in life?

parisx asked 1 day ago · 13 answers

Do you buy exspensive perfume or collagen by exspensive I mean over 100 in money?

No way, my cheap body wash on its own does a number on the ladies TBH 🤡

LaDamaX asked 6 days ago · 18 answers

If I visit your country/city of origin, what should I DEFINITELY avoid?

Graceland, it's a cheap tourist trap and also it's lowkey in the hood now

Daniel asked 6 days ago · 12 answers

Are you in debt?

not really, but I have health problems and all and I'm fortunate that the health care people can show up and shake me down for everything that comes in without ending up in the red, yet

Arthur asked 3 days ago · 5 answers

If you're an artist, are your commissions open?

I am completely devoid of any artistic talent, in fact never mind because that would be an insult to people completely devoid of artistic talent

LaDamaX asked 1 day ago · 11 answers

Have you ever had any cosmetic non surgical procedures done? If you haven’t, what would you consider having done if you didn’t have to consider cost?

I've gotten braces as an adult to straighten up my teeth some, presently resisting the urge to rant about my lack of medical attention as a child...anyway nah I'm good, not that I think I'm perfect - just good

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