Anonymous Coward asked over 1 year ago

not the same anon as before but are you aware even digital releases are heavily regulated by sanrio (cannot emphasize enough how batshit they are) due to trademark considerations? I think you should probably have a plan in place for what will happen when you inevitably (because you will) get the cease and desist letter

Hi there! I'm very aware of the legal risks that come with making the zine. As I said previously I'm hoping to have a more solid plan to handle this prior to contributor apps go live as to not waste anyone's time. I don't have a concrete plan as of yet for what I can do past limiting the zine to digital and limiting the occurrence of characters for the time being. I've been reviewing Sanrio's trademark policies to see if there is wiggle room in addition to getting in contact with folks who have had success running Sanrio themed projects (such as the jojoriozine team) to see what their experience was like to gain a better understanding.

The goal (as of now) would be to talk with my mod team, figure out if there was a way to have Sanrio characters featured in the zine and if not we'd go full inspired or human versions of characters that nod to the source material.

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