Saori Kido · 27 answers · 6y

Think of the person you love most. What would you do if you hurt them?

I'm sure I have done plenty of that, so not much to do but admit to your mistakes and try your best to make it right again

I'm sure I will hurt them a lot, it's just who I am, all I can do is try to learn from my mistakes and at least attempt to only do one mistake once.

Well, I hope it'd never come to that, but if it did I'd apologize and do what I can to make it up to her

A better question would be what I wouldn't do since I'd do everything in my power to make it right again

Honestly, just try and understand what I actually did, then apologize and do whatever they needed me to do for them to forgive me

I'd be really upset, rant to Frey for at least an hour.. oh! Unless it was him I upset! Then I guess I'd rant to an other friend and then see what I can do about fixing it!

Trip over myself to make them feel better again and try not to hurt them that way ever again

Try my best to learn from it so I'll never do it again and of course attempt to earn their forgiveness

I'd cry my eyes out for awhile and then feel constantly bad while trying to fix it the best way I can.

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