Saori Kido · 32 answers · 6y

What do you hope your love interest never finds out? (Beginning)

I guess certain things I've done in the past to survive and take care of my sister.

That I wrote like 50 love songs to her, god, they are so bad I hope she never finds them... >/////<

I suppose that my sister is better than me... I mean she looks like me so why wouldnt they go for her instead...

... Hmm, there's not much I'd hide from him... I just hope he doesn't find out my weaknesses >_<

I'm a single mom, what could possibly potentially scare someone away more than that? <_<

I don't really keep secrets, but I guess how protective my brother can be of me ^^; And mom really doesn't always accept new people easily

I guess that I'm a virgin and uh, haven't even had my first kiss. Kind of embarrassing

Haha, I guess how much I've been around the block so to speak, generally doesn't inspire trust in new partners, you know?

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