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Saori Kido · 37 answers · 6y

How do you normally get punished (or if you're an adult, how were you?) ie being grounding, having stuff taken away, being spanked, etc

I tend to stay out of trouble, but the few times it happened I got a stern lecture and a few days of no entertainment what so ever. So could have been worse. -shrugs-

Saori Kido · 43 answers · 6y

Who do you trust with your secrets? (Aside from your love interest)

Yue, Seika or sometimes my little sister.. Aderyn doesn't count, she'll find out even if you don't want her too.. <_<

Saori Kido · 36 answers · 6y

Gays - Have you ever had any straight fantasies?

Uh, I think like once or twice, mostly when I was trying to figure out if I liked girls or boys

Saori Kido · 42 answers · 6y

Do you own a body pillow? If so who is it of? ;D

No, but was thinking of maybe buying one for fun.. but have too many anime waifus so not sure who I'd even pick.. ;_;

Saori Kido · 30 answers · 6y

Who is the worst boyfriend or girlfriend youve had?

Never really had a bad one, I mean the one boyfriend I had was great, super sweet, just not for me and Irenka was a lovely girl, we might have gotten really serious if I hadn't moved here.

Saori Kido · 43 answers · 6y

Would you blast your music with people around?

Saori Kido · 32 answers · 6y

What do you hope your love interest never finds out? (Beginning)

That I wrote like 50 love songs to her, god, they are so bad I hope she never finds them... >/////<

Saori Kido · 25 answers · 6y

What are you insecure about?

A have a fairly long list, but I guess the one that stands out the most is that I wish I was better at fighting even if I rather not do it at all. I'm a saint, I should be good at it...

Saori Kido · 41 answers · 6y

What do you think of love?

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