Saori Kido · 31 answers · 6y

When was the last time you got jealous? What did you do about it?

(W) I'm jealous all the time, but I can't do anything about it... I mean... it's just too pathetic... (B) I never get jealous, that is so not me, I'm all about sharing~ ;)

Would be easier for me to say when I wasn't jealous... And as for what I do, take it out on people I know even if I know it's wrong and they don't really deserve it...

Last time I was jealous? Maybe about... 12 years ago, looking at other normal families.. just cried to myself really, but what else is a 5 year-old to do about such a thing?

Don't really get jealous as I never had a reason to be, so your guess is as good as mine

I get jealous a lot, because the girl I like won't stop talking about another fucking girl, however I know there's a time and a place for everything, so I prefer just plotting in silence, waiting for the perfect moment to extract my revenge...

Recently I guess... My love interest gets some attention from the girls... Honestly though I just played basketball with Souma

Not much to get jealous of, just frustrated really.. so usually end up sparring with mom or something...

If I got jealous I'd probably go do whatever I could to relax and take my mind off of it. Maybe do my hair or my nails or something

Well, I think it was then someone was hitting on the person I liked and they didn't say anything about it. And I do think I punched a hole through a wall... not my wall though so whatever -shrugs-

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