Seiya Pegasus
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Shun Andromeda · 5y

Why do you hate my brother so much? :(

Well I was TRYING to be friends with him at the start, but he just kept telling me he didn't want to be bothered... So I hugged him and he pushed me away telling me to leave him alone and I have hated him since then >_>

Saori Kido · 20 answers · 5y

Would you sacrifice your brother or sister to save a bunch of random people you don't know?

Aderyn Ursa · 10 answers · 7y

Zombies again! So you find yourself immune to the virus and you have the potential to make a vaccine, BUT it will kill you to make it, will you do it anyway?

Saori Kido · 16 answers · 5y

If you had to fight someone to the death, who would your opponent be?

Saori Kido · 28 answers · 5y

How would you feel if your partner wanted a polyamorous relationship?

Even if I don't want him to, I admit it would be hot to watch him fuck someone else... Especially Shun...

Koga · 5y

Hey Seiya? What do you do if you like a guy?

Saori Kido · 5y

How does it feel knowing you will never have Hyoga? It's okay, you have me <3

Saori Kido · 11 answers · 5y

Is your worst kiss still the same and why?

I still feel like the way I acted with Shun was a mistake, we had no desire for each other and were just being really dumb. I feel horrible for Ikki knowing how he has felt about Shun forever even though I still dont approve of their relationship

Saori Kido · 15 answers · 5y

Who did you lose your virginity to?

Saori Kido · 28 answers · 6y

What do you think of your partner for the marriage project?

Aderyn Ursa · 14 answers · 7y

What god/goddess do you think you're like and why?

Aderyn Ursa · 22 answers · 6y

What's your favorite candy and if you don't like candy, tell me what you like to eat as a snack~

Aderyn Ursa · 20 answers · 6y

If you could pick someone to get stuck on an island with, who would you pick and why? ;)

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