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911. · 1mo

Hey.. boleh naksir gak..

911. · 1mo

can i be salad? so i can be your new addiction too

911. · 2mo

Aku mau panggil kamu isaac, boleh? Bukankah itu terdengar unik 😝

911. · 2mo

Mohon maaf lahir dan batin, Dimi. Semoga kamu bahagia selalu.


Hey, mohon maaf lahir dan batin juga ya. I hope you are doing well out there, wherever you may be. Please always be happy! ✊🏻

Reina. ❦ · 2mo

Kakak :] followback :] dong :]]]]

Leya ★ · 2mo

Hi Vegas! Give me a song recommendation please

I've been listening to K-indie music lately, and there are a few songs I would recommend. But you should definitely give 12BH's song a try. I'll drop my favorite one below.

🎵 (BH12 - Green)

911. · 2mo

Vegas, boleh tau kamu jomblo atau engga? Vibe kamu punya pacar soalnya :[

911. · 2mo

kak dimi, i love seeing you around my timeline please be more active :3

Hello, there! You'll see me around your timeline more often in the future since I've been less busy than I used to be. Thank you, anyway! I hope you don't get bored seeing me yapping all day.

Jolene Marsh · 2mo

Hello, Dimi! I’m the sender with initial J. What’s your favorite genre for a movie?

Hello, Jolene! When it comes to movie, I enjoyed watching fantasy-adventure, sci-fi, mystery, and rom-coms the most. I might sound like a coward, but I'm not into horror-thriller. ✍🏻

awa · 2mo

if u’re being born again & u could choose any form, what it will be?

If I were to reincarnate, I aspire to be a shimmering star in the sky. I hope I can illuminate everyone's darkest nights. I also want to light up the sky with my brilliance, ensuring that my radiant glow guides those who are lost in the shadows.

911. · 2mo

hey vegas, i heard that you haven't set your eyes on someone yet so far, so.. i wonder do i have a chance?

You heard the news correctly. I won't be going anywhere in the near future. You'll see me around here, so the opportunity is all yours. Have a great day!

911. · 2mo

it's me again, dimi. been contemplating to hit your dm since i'm too shy to reveal myself yet. i'd like to keep my identity as a secret first to surprise you a bit, if you're ok with that?

Do whatever makes you comfortable, don't worry about me. Besides, I respect your choice and I don't have any right to force you to show up when you don't want to. I'll be prepared for my surprise though. Have a great day, anyway! ✌🏻

911. · 2mo

Where have you been? I miss u.

Life's demands have kept me away and I've been occupied with personal matters lately, which is why I've rarely been seen here. But I'm free (at least for now) and I haven't forgotten this platform, you'll frequently see me around from now on. I miss everyone too, including you, whoever you are. 👋🏻

911. · 2mo

dear dimi, there's something that's been making me interested in you and it's been bothering me a little so i had the courage to ask. do you still have your heart set on someone? i really want to try to get to know you better but this is holding me back with the thoughts of wether you ready for new relationship and already have someone in mind.

It's safe to say that I haven't settled my heart on someone yet at the moment. I have been busy with real-life stuff and just got back here. I guess that makes sense if I don't have someone in mind for now. Thank you for showing your interest, I'm just a message away if you want to get to know me better.

p.s: I apologize for the late reply, I have just checked my question box again after quite a while.

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