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curiosity killed the cat 馃悎鈥嶁瑳


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menurut kamu aku sama jeno jodoh gak

Jean 9 answers 5d

Tidur tanpa selimut apa tanpa guling?

kalau tempatnya dingin: tanpa guling, kalau tempatnya panas: tanpa selimut! :]

Jean 6 answers 9d

Jajanan lebaran yg pertama kalian makan apa?

? 路 8d

i love you kakak awa! <3

my schweetest one.. thank you for saying this to me! wondering what did i do to deserve to be always loved and pampered by my surroundings. i love you much much much more, munchkin! 鉂わ笍馃悎


If you're told to write a song, what theme do you want to write?

i ever wrote songs and it all fall in love themed (since it鈥檚 for my lover at that time) and i think, i鈥檒l love to write a love song again! yet, i鈥檓 also curious to write a cute song like: where is smiley by serani poji :]


What color do you think resemble your whole personality?

i (really) want to be perceived as the color pink! yet, i know i鈥檓 that lovely as the color pink :] so i guess.. my whole personality more like purple i guess? since it鈥檚 darker? (jujur aku gatau.. ini asal ngomong aja.. maaf..)


Dah berak blm?

athenAya!! 馃嵃 38 answers 19d

BIEFEF retrooo! Boleh tanya kritik saran sama tema baruku ngga :oo. Sekiranya takut ada nyang nyakitin mata kalian :[[[[. Makasih sebelumnya bffs 猸

21 answers 23d

what kind of flowers you love the most? 馃拹

white rose! yet i鈥檓 having 0 reason of why do i love them :] except the fact that i always bring them for my mom鈥檚 grave, since its pretty!!! 饢弓

? 路 25d

Awaa anak cantik anak baik, bahagia selalu ya.

couldn鈥檛 thanked you enough for saying this warm message to me, anon! makasih ya, semoga kamu juga bahagia terus 鈰嗏倞饢弓. thank you for spreading positivity juga ya, anon! :]

love, lily.25d

kakak paling suka mam apa!!

mmm mamm choux-nya lawson yang choco flavoured! yumyum, kakak jadi pengen mam itu lagi deh sekarang 馃樀鈥嶐煉

Milo 17 answers 2mo

friendly reminder; you'll be loved in the most endearing way possible cause you aren't hard to love and you're worth fighting for 鈾

my lulu, my love, my precious angel. thank you for this endearing reminder, darl. the same goes to you, ya? you鈥檒l always be loved, at least by me. 馃┓

? 路 3mo

Awa, awa. Can i just say this first kalo KAMU CANTIK SEKALIII. And how long have you been using glasses?

HEEEEY!! thank you so much for the compliment, dear 鈾ワ笍. i鈥檓 smiling eye to eye while reading your message hehe.. :] i鈥檝e been using my glasses since i was still in the elementary school, sekitar kelas 2 gitu!!

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