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Anonymous Coward asked 1 day ago

When you were at PQube were you solely or mostly working on J->E localization or were you also involved with working on E->FIGS, E->J or other non strictly J->E localization?

My primary duties were managing J->E teams and directly micromanaging those projects, but I presided over multiple E->FIGS and other language pairing projects during my time at the company. I was less directly involved in those as they're outside my direct expertise, so it was usually a case of vetting trusted linguists and supplying them with what they needed, but I organized the non-English localization hand-offs for Pocket Bravery, Curse of the Sea Rats, Arcrunner, Valthirian Arc 2, Potion Permit, and a handful of others as well.

Anonymous Coward asked 2 days ago

Are you planning on returning to university, since that was your direction before taking on the pqube role? Or is a university degree no longer core to where you envision your life direction henceforth?

That's something I'm still thinking about. If I were to do it, it wouldn't be until late 2024 so I still have time to consider it. It'll probably hinge on how some of my current schemes pan out.

Anonymous Coward asked 2 days ago

Before you joined pqube the Asia division was kind of flagging and the company was more interested in publishing western indies. How will it be going forward without your direction?

That's going to be up to them. I'll be available as an advisor to make sure the right loc staff get put on the right projects, but beyond that they're gonna need to figure out their identity in the sphere.

Anonymous Coward asked 2 days ago

Are you willing to elaborate a bit more on why you've decoded to leave PQube to return to freelancing? Any thoughts about returning to an office job in the future?

Anonymous Coward asked 8 days ago

Greenwoods back? Does that mean K3 in engliah is going to happen hahahahahahahahahahahahaha please

Unfortunately the original dissolution of the companies meant a hard reset of any plans and even contacts at their company, it wouldn't be impossible but I do not currently have the leads to make it happen.

Anonymous Coward asked about 1 month ago

I hope you're able to answer this - as greenwood is now defunct and its assets sold off, to whom does my money go when I buy Interview with Kazikley Bey on Steam? Will Masada and the various other artists et al who contributed to its creation see any of it?

Anonymous Coward asked 15 days ago

Would you like to localize more otome games?

Sure! Though I think it'd be better if I could manage the right people for those projects rather than doing them myself.

Anonymous Coward asked 8 days ago

What's your thoughts on all the Made in Abyss drama?

I looked at it once and thought it was so silly it was no longer worth any additional time spent in my head.

Anonymous Coward asked 8 days ago

Favorite souvenir from the NYC trip?

Probably just my ANYC badge. I've been keeping my convention badges as mementos since 2017, they're all in my memory box.

Anonymous Coward asked 8 days ago

Bro riding public transport and hitchhiking across the US is tempting fate, look at what happened to poor hitchbot

In truth this is all an experiment to prove that while I am regularly unlucky, fate bends so I can never die.

Anonymous Coward asked 8 days ago

I don't mean to sound resentful, you've grinded your way to earn where you are in life just as much as anyone, but I do sometimes wonder where I went wrong in life by choosing to focus on my studies, get a highly competitive degree, go into a respected profession, to end up toiling like a machine for only meagre recompense; had I blown off my schoolwork to instead study Tae Kim and Ixwreck and grinded H-games pirated from hongfire instead I wonder where I could be now.

Anonymous Coward asked 9 days ago

Hello Steiner, I played the original Mamiya back when it came out and redownloaded it for DoomsDayDreams, I started to whole story over for a refresher before I started Doomsday so I wanted to know did it add anything new? There’s some parts I don’t remember reading and when a choice comes up particularly in Ryou’s scenario some art comes up. It may be that it was always there and I just didn’t remember clearly but I’m also very dumb.

Don't worry you're not nuts, DoomsDayDreams revamps the scenario slightly by shuffling some scenes and changing the visual presentation.

Anonymous Coward asked 12 days ago

Asking this ahead of time, I ask that you please take it as a good faith question.
On the "Secrets of Localization" panel, will all the panellists be in broad agreement about what makes a good localization and just educating the crowd, or is it more of a debate format with a diversity of opinion (within reason obviously)?

Sorry for getting to this so late. The panelists on that panel had a range of opinions and I don't think anything stated on it was broadly or definitively speaking for all of us and our stances. It seems like the one this year used an experimental Q&A format for the first time, but as a result the timings weren't quite perfect and sometimes certain questions had answers with more of a focus from one angle when there would've been room for interjection and discussion otherwise.

Anonymous Coward asked 10 days ago

Some of the capitalization seems a bit weird for Class of Heroes 1 and 2. "hit" on the 3rd screenshot on the Steam page for Class of Heroes 1 and "dealt" on the 8th screenshot on Steam for Class of Heroes 2. Any chance these can be addressed?

Already handled. Build update pipelines and marketing beat pipelines don't always intersect perfectly.

Anonymous Coward asked 15 days ago

How do you know your bag was taken as an honest mistake and not due to theft?

A similar-looking bag was left behind in the hall, it turns out it belonged to a family of 4 who hurriedly took mine without checking and left their own behind. When they realized their mistake they brought mine back and got theirs.

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