Cute Person asked over 1 year ago

If you had 1 Mio €, what would you spend them on?

I'm assuming Mio stands for million? Uuh good question.
Idk tbh, I know that I wouldn't go and use it all recklessly.

Idk things like these are hard to predict because I can say things now but almost be certain that I'd do something else in the moment.

I would probably keep a part somewhere for when I need it, and use it to """invest""" into things? God I hate that word. Probably would pay people that are passionate about cool projects and let them do that as a job. Like a lean activity pub server implementation. Or like, trying to fix the mess that is instant messaging.

Like there are people that are like, just stop working lol and I'm like, what should I do with my life then? lmao
I would probably work in the dev teams lole

anyway if anyone wants to donate 1 million so I can make a competitor to snapchat hmu, dms are open

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