The Netherlands
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Langoor · 7mo

If you had to buy a car, what would you get?

Probably some boring 2nd hand one

Although due to some certain individual I've started to find certain cars.. cute

Cute Person · 7mo

You wake up in front of a Siemens Sp Dr S60, what do you do?

I close my eyes again because experiencing German engineering horrors of this degree can only happen in my nightmares

Cute Person · 7mo


Soft boiled and in ramen, or scrambled with a bit of milk and then either folding from the inside out when dealing with more than 4 eggs in one pan or otherwise outside in, turn off the heat when still jelly and cover and serve, the last egg whites will solidify under the risidual heat. Or scrambled toch ofc

Cute Person · 7mo


Miya Ironami · 19 answers · 1y

How often do you wash your bed sheets? You know you're supposed to wash them once a week right? :3

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