Talen Lee

Game maker, academic, digital boomer

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Shy Bean asked about 2 months ago

What is boring or bad about how most people talk about games? I like lots of forms of game discussion so I find the idea that most is bad to be confusing, and I don't particularly just want to guess what you're trying to get at from the examples you gave.

The majority of game discussion is considering games entirely as commercial products for distribution and sale, and want to have a review score at the end. If this doesn't strike you as the majority, then you're probably discounting a large quantity of material without realising it.

enderlord99 asked 6 days ago

Why'd you switch here and away from CC?

on curiouscat, I got a lot of spam and mostly, the daily questions were tedious and annoyed me.

Shy Bean asked about 2 months ago

If most people who talk about games are doing it in boring/bad ways, who are the exceptions? Obviously yourself (and I'd be curious what your favorite videos/posts are about it), but is there anyone else that stands out?

Jane-Michelle O. S. Auman asked 3 months ago

Given the chance - would you spend one (1) day as a Labrador retriever? ?

It does seem to be an experience that's largely anxiety free, but how messed up and weird is my mental space that I thought 'Oh I dunno, I think I wouldn't be very good at it.'

Shy Bean asked 3 months ago

Do you like video games?

Hi there, test thing I pressed to see how it works. I have never eaten a video game and I don't know why you'd bring it up like that.

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