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little kbity · 25d

I was looking through the GNOME GitLab when I saw the person maintaining that wretched LibAdwaita is a fellow transbian... and then I had a look at a self-portrait of her on fedi and, well, she's ADORABLE?? My question is, hypothetically could a customizability-freak number-1-client-side-decorations-hater wobbly-windows-enjoyer KDE fangirl who uses KTuberling on the daily and the main LibAdwaita dev even..? Could those two hypothetically even?

no because I have a gf. Otherwise still no - software tribalism is cringe and if your personality is built on using one software and hating another, I'd prefer to stay very far away from you. Same if you were a GNOME fangirl/KDE hater, seen these people too.

little kbity · 25d

When is your Website online?

little kbity · 3mo

Thoughts on mermaids?

Cinnamon Smalls · 4mo

How did you learnt to code? What motivated you?

X-32 Joint Strike Fighter · 4mo

what is your opinion on cheese?

Depends. A lot of cheeses are a sensory problem for me (mostly taste-wise, it often has a weird sour taste, but sometimes texture-wise too), but there are exceptions - e.g. melted in a pizza or a cheeseburger it's actually really nice. But yeah, it's complicated

little kbity · 6mo

what is an animal you like but most people don't?

Hmmmmmmmmm. Maybe mice or rats? A lot of people find them disgusting, but they seem really cute? Tho then again it's one thing to find them cute and still another thing when they spread a plague around, so... I absolutely get why people don't like them, and for that reason I don't like them too. But also I'm not sure how many people actively dislike them. That's a hard question 😅

little kbity · 7mo

I hope that you have an awesome week & also just want to wish you a very happy Monday....

little kbity · 7mo

Do you like dancing or dancelike things (like martial arts, actively playing with animals or watering fplants?)

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