anonymous freak · 4mo

I watched the archive of your Q&A with Kamila Bombette and while I haven't started anything yet. I wanted to thank you for hosting it and demystifying Spicy Content and the blue twitch. As you said, there's never a one size fits all answer for somebody's niche, but I do have a question ppl didnt ask: How do you make domming not sound corny lol? Like anytime I think to not tailor it to my gf and more to an audience I just think I look or sound like those tumblr daddy dom "You. Come. Now." gifs and thats NOT sexy lmao. Thank you for reading

first off, sorry it took so long to answer this! i didn't see the notification for it.

as for making domming not sound corny... i don't have any advice because it comes very naturally to me. i think confidence is a huge part of it, though! like, stop thinking "i sound awkward" and start thinking "i'm the sexiest person on planet earth and all should bend to my whims" LMAO

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