Anonanon asked 5 months ago

What would Ertakar dancing be like?

I've been siting on this for a while now because I've still been trying to think about how to answer this. This is admittedly one of those aspects I haven't developed as much as I would have liked.

I feel their movements are move fluid, they likely don't have some of the more harsh snap movements humans do, but that's not without question. I just don't see movements like dead drops being common with their body structure. Wings, tails, and the ability to walk on all fours all play into different forms of movement and styles of dance. There's probably rigid styles that keep the wings and tails close to the body. Styles that focus on wing movement more than other body movements. Dance that pairs flight and ground in fluid motions.

There is probably a whole class of dance that is entirely flight related. This is probably more pairs or groups than it is solo, but solo isn't out of the question. Dance that is arranged like airshows but much more rhythm and expression in mind. Like synchronized swimming.

For dance attire, they already have limited clothing, but I feel that wing accessories and drapes are much more common for dance attire, as the flow of the movement would trail really nicely off the wings.

They probably have a lot of dance for celebration, but considering their limited religious structures, I don't think they don't have much in the way of dance for actual ritual.

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