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Anonanon · 1y

is it okay if anyone can ask you for an Toyhous.e Invite Code?

Anonanon · 1y

I saw your birthday's coming up, what kind of cake are you going to get? Or would like to get, if you could afford anything?

Whoops, didn't realize I got this a week ago.
I admittedly haven't been getting cake for my birthday as of the last few years, I just go to a nice bakery and get myself a bunch of pastries I like and call that my 'cake'. What I get varies depending on my current fancy or what's in stock.

But for the sake of curiosity if I were to choose a cake I really like those ones with the multi layers and gently sweet frosting with fruit slices in between the layers. Or I like a good cheesecake, caramel or some fruit I like. Or Tiramisu.

Anonanon · 1y

What sort of currency is used in your Ertakar project? Specifically on their home planet. (Though if they also have some sort of universal currency that would be interesting to learn about too.)

Anonanon · 1y

What would Ertakar dancing be like?

Anonanon · 2y

Obviously everyone should be aware of the TOS of any service they use, but don't you think it's unfortunate that nsfw artists have so few payment processors to use? For a lot of people the risk is just something they have to take.

Of course I think it's unfortunate, I think it's also absurd that sexual expression is villainized as it is. I also know it's difficult setting up a payment service with a high risk payment processor because they do not have the same ease of use, and the difficulty finding services if you're not in the US, Canada, or UK. But when you use a service that is hostile to what you do, you have to be consciously aware of the risk that's being taken. You can't pretend like it can't or won't apply to you if you get caught.

Anonanon · 2y

Do you take NSFW commissions yourself? If not, do you draw (and post) any NSFW art online?

I do not take commission related to sexually explicit subjects. http://armaina.com/terms.html you can see it is stated as such in my TOS, section 6A.

Anonanon · 2y

Does pineapple belong on Pizza?

Yes. You know what also belongs on Pizza? Potatoes
You will find no food shaming, here.

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