Anonanon asked 5 months ago

What sort of currency is used in your Ertakar project? Specifically on their home planet. (Though if they also have some sort of universal currency that would be interesting to learn about too.)

I'm still sorting that specific thing out. I know they -have- a currency, but I don't know the details. I've been thinking on this a few days and since my mind keeps going back to this, I think it's safe to say metal rods/strips of varying length are the most common form of denomination. I don't think they really utilized paper money much. They probably have some sort of EMV chip integrated into the currency itself to use for counterfeit protection.

I know they have a form of digital currency but I do not believe it functions on a 'credit' system.

That being said, once things move on to the Starship Lolipop era of things, there is absolutely forms of universal currency to keep up with the global trade, in addition to planet/territory unique forms of currency.

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