Anonymous asked 6 months ago

do you have any more ilodxian fanji thoughts please they're sucha rare concept for no reason

thank you! first of all i will actually confess that the first fic i ever wanted to write for wx was actually an idolxian fanji au LOL (although more prominently it featured lwj as wwx's personal assistant :3) most notably i actually had this particular coda snippet as a wipweds last year: idk if I'll ever return to this fic but yes have it be known that I actually have thought at length about idolxian/fanji and all the fun lengths lwj would go to to let out his... fannishness, so to speak >:3 I shall try to post more thoughts about them in the future!

secondly, i recommend verseau's fudanshi lwj fic with idolxian (it is v funny even as a wip pls read it):