People die at the end of the day.

Tapak Tilas
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Blessed your curiosity.


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Anonymous sucker. · 1mo

hi, hasta! may i know what did you use to make this (https://twitter.com/inouciance/status/1771610841114169792?t=4d6aSkPulPdPtX6n0dvWFA&s=19) and how’d you make it—if you’revkeen to answer? thank you so much, and i'm sorry for the sudden ask, anyway! ;D

Hi pretty anon. I assume you're asking about what app did I use to make this, correct? I used canva, obviously, the font was Helvetica Now over A4 (portrait) canvas. If you were asking about inspiration, well e myself was the inspiration lolol that writing was the embodiment of me being romance-deprived. Hope this helps!

Anonymous sucker. · 1mo

by any chance, do you set your eyes on someone, hasta?

No, not at all; I haven't set my eyes on anyone specific right now. I appreciate your question.

Anonymous sucker. · 2mo

Apa kabar, Hasta?

Baik sekali, Anon. Thank you so much for checking on me. Semoga kabarmu baik juga, yaa.

Anonymous sucker. · 2mo

Selamat sore, Hastanta. Boleh minta izin buat follow kamu? Aku suka liat tweetmu muncul di timeline (i don’t know why) dan keren (setelah aku stalk, maaf kalo buat ini.. tapi gak stalk sampe bawah kok. Cuman sedikit aja dan seneng liat tweet kamu bahas sesuatu). Itu aja. Kalo diizinin, nanti aku follow. Makasih banyak, Hasta. It’s nice to know you. :-)

Oh my, what a compliment. Thank you so much, Anon, and yes you may follow me. Also, let's be friends as well, tolong jangan sungkan-sungkan. And I hope you won't be bored with my tweets or anything, feel free to interact. :D

𝒜smara · 12 answers · 4mo

Do you mind recommending me one or two songs that have been lingering in your ears these days? I think my playlist needs more new tunes.

Anonymous sucker. · 4mo

I'm the same sender, now have you re-assure your feelings to the person who you found interesting? (pardon my bad english)

No. No I haven't. I'm bad at confessing, so bad sampai-sampai selalu kebalap orang lain and I'm left heartbroken. But since I'm used to it, it doesn't really matter anymore. Thank you so much for asking, Sugar. If you'd like to approach me for some sweet talk and shit, please do. Me liking a person doesn't mean I've fully put my mind to them. xx

Anonymous sucker. · 4mo

Hi! Lil bit tmi sekarang aku lagi suka lagu Love 119 dan keinget kamu tiap liat Wonbin 😩

Halo, Anon! Waduh [attached stiker pria garuk kepala], bingung harus merespon apa tapi danke schön! Mari stream Love 119 and RIIZE tiap hari!

Anonymous sucker. · 4mo

I am the other anonymous that asked you about your day. May February filled you with nice and warm things.

Ah, so that's you. I'm relieved to ever heard from you again. Have a sweet evening, ya, Anon. God bless.

Anonymous sucker. · 4mo

Oh, sugar, I give you my most blissful thanks. I didn't know that I need this much of a reassurance, I appreciate this message so so much. Thank you, Anon, once again. May life treats you well and February welcomes you with an abundance. I will make sure to keep your words in mind. Also, your first sentence struck me a little; you again? Who, if I'm allowed to ask? Which one of the secret messenger are you?

Anonymous sucker. · 4mo

What did you do today, Hasta?

School, of course. But in the meantime I'm also continuing my progress on The Waves (it's a book written by Virginia Woolf). I had a blast today, ngl. :D

Emma. · 2 answers · 4mo

hi ash-tuals, pleasee suggest me some movies to watch or books to read!

Have you watched Society of the Snow? It's so good. For books, Id recommend you to read If We Were Villains or Frankenstein (by Mary Shelley).

Anonymous sucker. · 4mo

Hi! Do you currently set your eyes for someone? 🫧

Thanks for stopping by, dear. As per your question, I have not set my eyes on anyone. But I must admit there's this one person that interests me, but I ain't sure abt my feeling either. :D

C. · 23 answers · 5mo

Can you even truly forgive someone who has hurt you?

Yes. But of course I won't bother to interact with them anymore and continue to live life.

Anonymous sucker. · 5mo

Keep talking about books & movies. I enjoy seeing your enthusiasm for them.

Oh lord ... Yeah yeah don't worry, I will. Wow you flustered me a bit haha, thanks a bunch, anon.

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