kait from internet

im the fedi tomo

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cowardly fool · 2d

are you going to be retrospringactivepilled or will you be gone for another 8 months after thus

idk we'll see how things go. im just the type of person to have huge bursts of activity then disappear for months immediately after

Mia Rose Winter · 5 answers · 3d

Mia Rose Winter is touring in your city next month. All the best hits are in the program, meows, cuddles, kisses, carpentry. The ticket shop is open now and the tickets are free.. actually they even pay you for getting some, zero tickets have been sold since the shop opened 7 months ago.

Do you get a ticket and what shows do you visit?

Journalist Autumn · 3d

i had a question but i forgot it . maybe i will remember. Tomo Row. Tomorrow . Tomo To Tom t Tomorrow.

cowardly fool · 3d

do you enjoy stuff about lost media?

Nelle · 3d

why did hatsune miku do that

hi its me hatsune miku here to defend myself i did NOT crash my car into that orphanage, but even if i did those orphans were asking for it come on it was gonna happen eventually why couldnt it be me, hypothetically

pancakes · 4d

what do you think of gordon freeman

cowardly fool · 4d

would you rather eat a sharpie or a giant pile of dust

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