Mia Rose Winter


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Miya Ironami asked 15 days ago · 30 answers

Thoughts on polyamory? (Do you understand it? Do you think you could ever have multiple partners at once? Would you date a polyamorous person?)

I am dating together with a polyamorous person for over two years now, and I would say about myself I need at least three Partners to fully function (I have one currently 😭)

the f00fy one asked 16 days ago · 12 answers

Is it good to be kind to bad people?

the f00fy one asked 16 days ago · 14 answers

What... are you?

eepy girl, 34h awake. running on ADHD meds and cuddle energy

Yaseen asked 18 days ago · 15 answers

Do you like having your hair played with? If so, in what manner?

Yes. My gf plays sometimes with mine, she's a very gentle person so it's always nice (she loves hair)

Yaseen asked 18 days ago · 13 answers

I have not, soz dear.

vyivel asked 20 days ago · 14 answers

Do you think you're better than me? [yes or no; no context, clarification etc will be provided]

I don't know you that well, but since my only skill in life is programing, you are very likely to be better at something

the f00fy one asked 20 days ago · 12 answers

Are you winning, kid?

Yaseen asked 21 days ago · 12 answers

If I win tickets for the Isle of Wright festival, would you be my plus-one?

the f00fy one asked 21 days ago · 11 answers

What's the weirdest book you've read?

Probably that little book I had about c++ that claimed to teach you the language in 200 small pages

it did not

Yaseen asked 21 days ago · 15 answers

Would you still love me if I changed in no significant or meaningful way from how I am as of this moment?

vyivel asked 29 days ago · 7 answers

Answer this question with a considerable delay: how patient are you?

the f00fy one asked 23 days ago · 13 answers

sorry about the previous question, i was trying to answer someone else's group question

anyway. do you like tea?

Mate Tee, yes

I also technically like other Tees, but I extremely rarely make them, but I do take them if offered with a lil sugar

rq asked 24 days ago · 17 answers

Do you check yourself before you wreck yourself or do you fuck around and find out?

I do check out my ass from time to time, does that count?

the f00fy one asked 25 days ago · 13 answers

should I continue to make bad puns in my retrospring responses?

If I would be alergic to puns Andyyy would have already killed me

Yaseen asked 26 days ago · 13 answers

Did you know that I totally, 100%, don't have a crush on anyone? At all? In any way, shape, or form? I'm serious. There's nobody.

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