Here's what the words from those books combined with a sip of warm coffee feels like.

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Jace · 7 answers · 21d

Tell me that one random quote that lives in your mind rent free! It could be from a book, movie, series, or anything.

"Alina yang manis, paling manis, dan akan selalu manis... Dengan ini kukirimkan pula kerinduanku padamu, dengan cium, peluk, dan bisikan terhangat, dari sebuah tempat yang paling sunyi di dunia"

lace · 5 answers · 25d

Life’s been a little bored lately. But, what’s your go-to-activities for enhancing the new sparks of life? :] I currently need any!!

I really love watching travel videos. My busy schedule is the main reason I just can’t go here and there, deep down I really want to experience those, still. Maybe you can also go through the historical records of the nations and learn their language.

Killian · 24d

Morning has come. The residents of Rohisville wake up to Rex getting another secret admirer on Retrospring. The 10 of them start accusing each other. Some of them start acting suspicious by being so defensive when uttering their alibis. Vote for the one you think is Rex’s secret admirer!

Emily · 4 answers · 23d

Weekly question is coming! Tell me your favorite ice cream’s flavor since the heat is going crazy these days.

My personal preference is dark choco. The problem is it’s a bit hard to find the right taste. So, I switched between vanilla and matcha if I couldn’t find the dark choco one.

soleil · 1mo

Abang, telur duluan atau ayam duluan?

Egg first. Chicken evolved much years later. Tergantung juga ini konteksnya apa, kalau mana yang duluan di menu makanan sehari-hari sih ayam prio list duluan ya. Nanti telur tunggu opslot aja.

Secret Annotation · 1mo

Hey Rex! Do you happen to prefer someone who shares your taste in things, or someone who definitely has the opposite taste?

Oh nice one. I think both work just fine for me. It will be a lot more convenient if the person happened to know at least basic stuff about my interest; it will at least skip the “introducing” part.

I also don’t mind if they have opposite taste, just like you mentioned. The important thing to understand here is the willingness to know, learn, and understand. From my side, I don’t mind having to go further just to learn things I didn’t know before.

Secret Annotation · 2mo

Hi, Rexie. Happy to know lil details about you— and as always, thank you for kindly sharing with me! We do and relook back differently and I love hearing about yours. I heard Juwita Malam before and not sure why but the song is quite soothing. How about your favourite movie genre then? Kayaknya kamu juga suka nonton film perang atau yang punya latar sejarah?

Interesting question, I grew up watching historical/war movies under my dad’s influence. I think it became the main reason of my long list of watched films in that genre.

Other than that I also watch horror and documentaries. Even though sometimes I force-close my device whenever my faint heart can’t stand the tense. I watch animation movies too whenever life feels too complicated.

Secret Annotation · 2mo

I think it’s just my own way to reminisce about the old times when my granddad was around. It’s nice to think about moments when we were together. But anyway, as always, the pleasure is mine to share things that I love. You can check another songs like Gambang Semarang or Juwita Malam which are also my favorites.

Secret Annotation · 2mo

(Pardon me because I'm not sure how to reply the last interaction) The artist we listen on daily might not be exactly the same, but I'm thoroughly fascinated to see how ranged your taste is! It's quite comprehensive and if you don't mind me asking, how do you grow interested with jazz and bossa nova? Also, any songs do you want people to listen more often? Lastly, thank you for replying to my queries. X

You can actually interact from any side you want to talk more, no pressure here. The answer to your first question, my granddad used to listen to jazz a lot, especially during tea time. It eventually became a habitual routine for me. The almost similar tempo led me to bossa nova. For the second answer, I will attach the song link on my X account below this reply. The pleasure is always mine, sender.

Secret Annotation · 2mo

gimana rex? udah ada target buat bikin playlist spotify bareng?

Biasanya kalau SpotJam bareng temen-temen sih nanti buat playlist bareng, alias per individu bisa add lagu sendiri. So it is not a worry for me about making a playlist along with someone. Harusnya pertanyaannya tuh, “Udah ada target buat dikirim personalized special Spotify playlist?”

Secret Annotation · 2mo

kesibukannya apa aja bulan ini?

Selain my regular routine, I had a lot of projects! I helped a research and currently working on another one. Lagi banyak exams juga nih, makanya sering sliweran kalau malam aja, post-study session. Akhir-akhir ini juga lebih intens work out, maybe it is the main reason I managed to stay fit compared to last month.

Secret Annotation · 2mo

Hello Rex, pardon me for stopping by with some queries as i felt like our preferences might be aligned in some way. May i know your genre preferences in music and some artists that you fancy?

Hi there, I'm glad if we our music preferences are quite similar. Talking about genre preferences, I honestly listen to almost everything ranging from bossa nova, jazz, indie rock, pop, hip-hop, and even keroncong and langgam.

For the artists, it's really based on what kind of feeling you want to get from the music. The artists to listen on daily are Arctic Monkeys, Kendrick, Frank Sinatra/Chet Baker, and Stan Getz.

Honestly, I could go further but it will be a messy essay here.

Secret Annotation · 2mo


I got tons of good music to hear, they usually make me happy. Do you want some recommendations maybe?

Secret Annotation · 3mo

halo rex! temen gue ada yang suka merhatiin lu nih (keknya naksir tp dia masih denial), kira2 lu sudah siap untuk jatuh cinta lagi ga ya?

Hi! Masih "kayaknya" kan? Let her take her time. On the other side, I'm still single. I mean no rush here.

Secret Annotation · 3mo

manusia itu berubah-ubah, lalu bagaimana dengan pendapat rexie mengenai tipe cewenya? apakah rexie mengubah tipenya?

People come and go, season changes. I think I never really stated my ideal type, but I don’t feel there’s no significant change. If you got things from here and there that might indicate traits that I love from someone, maybe I unintentionally showed it. The rest of my definition of ideal is mine to keep, and yours to guess.

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