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hellaur positive only please


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parasythe · 6 answers · 19d

Tell me some of your recent top songs, guys! 🌟

amin · 10 answers · 24d

Tell me your favorite series of all time (butuh tontonan untuk nanti).

capybara · 30d

What makes you fond in fashion? And what’s your fav Italian designer?

capybara · 1mo

Do you like to travel?

I actually do! Travelling has been apart of my life since I was a kid, I love to explore different places, seeing the history of the place and of course it couldn’t hurt to do a little shopping in a different place, usually I always bought a book everytime I travel so I will always be constantly reminded where I get this as a memory. 🤎

R · 6 answers · 1mo

Hi! Would love to get your opinion about me (please do it for the plot)

My sister from another mother, the big sister I never had. That is the word that come up to my mind about you!! &&& ur life rn is all about Jinji and werk but the Jinji one is cute <3

Aletheia Jane · 11 answers · 1mo

Drop your best read. (I might need some new references for my next list)

Leon Nathaneil · 6 answers · 1mo

Tell me recent event or thing that makes you happy (it could be as simple as you saw a cat or discover a new jokes or anything btw)

Zels · 13 answers · 1mo

random one but what fictional characters you might associate with me?

Aletheia Jane · 2mo

Describe warkop DKI dah sekalian your honest thoughts.

HAHAHA okay, firstly I really believe that you guys are my long lost brother and sister I think, karena kalian juga kaya ngeladenin my daily yapping lol. At first mungkin sama kak aletha udah kenal duluan ya but I wouldn’t thought bakal sampe bikin group sama bang Dave waktu itu, DAN KEJADIAN NYA LUCU BANGET KENAPA BIKIN GROUP INI. Glad to meet you guys as a good friend of mine. 🤎

Aletheia Jane · 2mo

If warkop DKI is a fictional character, who would that be?

I LOVE THIS QUESTION!! Okay hmm istg I cannot and will not remove the image of bang Dave in Finnick because he fits Finnick so badly idk why…. He needs to rp Finnick again. And for kak Aletha I think I will associate you with Alina from Shadow & Bone, i don’t know… she’s pretty. Fits you well personality wise too I think. For me? I don’t know, you tell me which fictional character fits me?

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