under the willow tree.
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Faint-hearted Soul · 7mo

You seem hard to approach

Faint-hearted Soul · 7mo

you kinda attractive

Faint-hearted Soul · 7mo

Do you like men?

Well, I appreciate all beauties regardless of the packaging. Interested to gain the title?

Jion. · 8mo

Give me your top three movies of the year.

Eh- I didn't watch much this year and I already forgot what I just watched besides those that I put in my letterboxd, but here we go.

  1. The House
  2. Gonjiam
  3. Unfriended
Jion. · 8mo

How do you usually enjoy your weekends?

Sleeping, going through my watchlist, writing, making fake scenario, crying in the corner of my room.

miu · 9mo

haloo kakak addy 😋

Halo, Ai. Aku hampir bingung ini siapa, sampai sadar sama pfp kamu di Twitter. 🤪

⩇⩇:⩇⩇ · 7 answers · 9mo

How do you cook your instant noodles? What toppings do you put on it?

It depends on the noodles, if it's with soup; tumis bawang+cabe, tuang air, tunggu mendidih, masukkin mie, masukkin telur.

For toppings I mostly only put egg, tofu, and/or sausage.

⩇⩇:⩇⩇ · 8 answers · 9mo

Mention five things you can’t tolerate in your relationship.

Marvin Alexander · 13 answers · 9mo

Any food suggestions for nighttime meals?

Marvin Alexander · 10mo

Duluan ayam apa telur?

Marvin Alexander · 10mo

Suka baca buku nggak? Kalo iya saranin dong.

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