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How do you cook your instant noodles? What toppings do you put on it?

I will be putting anything I have in the fridge! Mostly eggs & frozen foods <3

I'm not really a big fan of dry noodle so I'll just go basic with it. Well if it's soupy noodle I usually make the broth thick, and I prefer put soft tofu for the topping than egg, lastly put green onion on my soupy noodle as the cherry on top.

I cook my noodle for 4 mins and I usually don't put toppings but telor setengah mateng is my go to.

I cook the noodles with enough water in a small saucepan, usually I cook it until the noodles are really tender and then I added toppings like an eggs and meatballs

It depends on the noodles, if it's with soup; tumis bawang+cabe, tuang air, tunggu mendidih, masukkin mie, masukkin telur.

For toppings I mostly only put egg, tofu, and/or sausage.

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