will you learn more about k?

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pew! any thoughts, lad?


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Vi茅 15 answers 10mo

HAIIII! This is the first time I greet you by asking how you are doing. how are you guys? everything is fine??

Everything is good. I always think that everything, everyday will be a great day and a good day. We can call it as affirmation.

Anonymous Coward 路 10mo

Do you set your eyes on someone right now?

Uhm鈥 yes? If you see my timeline, you鈥檒l see that I already set my eyes on someone. We celebrate the birthday together.

Adimas Srinarendra 7 answers 12mo

If you could describe yourself as a food, what would it be? And why?

It鈥檚 ice cream.. I鈥檇 love to make everyone happy even tho I forget that someday I鈥檒l be gone by melting鈥 [sad hour]

Adimas Srinarendra 23 answers 12mo

Sore all, mau tanya nih, ada yang minat temenan di Twitter sama orgil (re: Andra) ga ya? But take a note I use harsh words very often, very loud, dan bertingkah seperti epitome of hopeless romantic (mengsedih). Yang mau boleh jawab pertanyaan ini, tapi yang ngerasa "ah kayaknya ga cocok temenan sama orgil satu ini" juga gapapa ga usah dijawab yes 馃榿

tunAa! 馃樇 12 answers 12mo

apa hukumnya bagi orang yang suka gonta ganti pfp?

tunAa! 馃樇 26 answers 1y

Rambut kalian tipe yang cepet panjang atau enggak?

dibilang cepet panjang iya, tapi karena my hair problem is rontok jadi ya panjang ga guna gitu bakal terus aku potong!! :[

tunAa! 馃樇 19 answers 1y

Have any plans for today???

i鈥檓 going to watch fast x on 3D with my bESSTTfriendd because i鈥檝e been waiting this for yearss!! yuhuuuuu

tunAa! 馃樇 11 answers 1y

what did you eat for lunch?

yesterday i鈥檓 eating chicken steak carbonara [ala-ala sih] that i made by myself!! didn鈥檛 expect that it turns out well!

tunAa! 馃樇 15 answers 1y

Anime recommendations?

I DIDNT WATCH ANIME.. i have someone that do loves watch anime should i ask him for this question?

Arner Rueldrich 8 answers 1y

Which one do you prefer, cold or hot weather?

hot!! i can鈥檛 stand with the cold weather since i have allergy.. it鈥檚 bad when the allergy hits me i hate that situation!!

Adimas Srinarendra 6 answers 1y

What are3 bad habits that you want to fix?

malas!! terkadang aku suka malas dan menunda-nunda pekerjaan, walau akhirnya selesai tapi kalau aku ga menunda mungkin hasilnya akan lebih baik.. semoga kedepannya aku bisa ubah itu semua!

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