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unknown writer · 25d

Share us two of your must played songs in a day?

Just checked my "Sound Capsule" on Spotify and the top two are Sabrina's songs: Espresso and Please, Please, Please.

But if you're asking about Korean songs, I am into the newest Red Velvet's song: Cosmic. What's your top two? 👀

unknown writer · 8d

Hi, do you perhaps know where Evasioned is?

Sadly, I don't know his whereabouts. Please do let me know if you have any updates. 😔

unknown writer · 6d

How do you manage your time wisely? You have plenty activities to do in a week, kak Jecci. Please be healthy ; __ ;

Thank you for your concern, sayang. Apparently, I am just trying to manage everything aja. I don't have any tips, it's just... I am trying to survive. 😭

Arnaud · 15 answers · 12d

Favorite place to go?

unknown writer · 12d

Good luck, Jeccijec.

unknown writer · 12d

hi kamu tau gak @dramaticalls kemana?

unknown writer · 24d

Do you think you can manage in a zombie apocalypse?

I do! I will try my best to survive. However, I don't want to survive all alone.. (sorry if this q goes wrong) 😭

unknown writer · 24d

If you can only choose 3 things to grab inside your bag when you go out, what would it be?

Perfume, Hand Sanitizer/Tissue and Lippies! I can grab my phone with my own hand hehe.

unknown writer · 23d

May I know if you currently setting your eyes on someone right now?

unknown writer · 22d

Do your friends know too much about you?

unknown writer · 25d

What will you choose, 1) a lucky penny, or 2) 271T?

Because the other option is 271T, I think this lucky penny will be worthwhile. All in for the lucky penny!

unknown writer · 24d

Glad to know that the chatty Jessie is back. Welcome?

unknown writer · 25d

Do you ever wonder who invented Coffee? Because who would think to roast the seed, then grind and brew it would make a flavorful Drink?

I often wonder several thing like this but I really want to thank them. And I am pretty sure they surely had BIG BRAINS for it's great masterpiece, Coffee. They deserve the credits!! #JusticeForKaldi

Now I am wondering what kind of Coffee do you like the most. 👀

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