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Curious question! What is your comfort music when you feel low, do you always listen to that song?

Hi, sorry for very late reply! Akhir-akhir ini aku lagi suka dengerin lagu-lagu yang soft kaya lagunya Keenan te, kalau yang indo biasanya aku dengerin lagu-lagu nya nadin, feby putri sama beberapa lagu dari penyanyi lain yang jenis musiknya mirip-mirip.

rumah ke rumah by hindia. gak selalu sih, tapi pas emang lagi down pasti dengerin itu

Deciding this can be quite a challenge for me. At times, I find myself gravitating towards mellow tunes, but there are also moments when I crave the raw power of rock to unleash my deepest emotions. However, both of them helps me equally, though.

Exhale by Sabrina Carpenter would always be my go-to comfort song whenever I feel low.

when I feel low I usually listen to sleeping at last songs! every time I listen to the songs I always feel calm hehehe. how about you?

Rehat by Kunto Aji, the lyrics of the song are really nice and calming. Recommended!

Seventeen's "Kidult" has always been my go-to song when I'm feeling down. Lately, I've found myself reaching for "Yawn" by Seventeen as well during those moments.

the music that always cheers me up when i'm low is usually rock songs😆. i always listen to songs by slipknot or indonesian rock (such as: mesin tempur, seringai, etc.)

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