Won So-ri

Forgotten and blurred. Unheard and discarded.

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I made rules in hell. Any question?


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Sebastian · 10 answers · 7d

Kalian malmingannya ngapain, guys? :D

kumi · 11 answers · 12d

elo kumituals! since, i’m bored dan list seriesku sudah habiss kasih aku saran series yang menurut kalian harus banget semua orang tau apaa 🤓🫵🏻

ashter rennauke · 7 answers · 17d

kalian ada rekomendasi film/drama di netflix ngga? Aku kehabisan tontonan huhuu

ashter rennauke · 5 answers · 17d

Hi fren, how's life so far?

Adam. · 3 answers · 18d

Hello, everyone! It feels less crowded here or is it just me?

Jaskar Rahadi · 8 answers · 20d

I just saw this post that said, "your love language is based off of what you didn't receive as a child" and I can't stop thinking about it. What do you think?

It's not like that in my case. My love language is based on what I feel best at when trying to deliver an affection

Sebastian · 11 answers · 22d

What is your favorite unrequited love song?

hyelena. · 8 answers · 22d

What is the one thing in the world that you will never get tired of?

𖹭 · 28 answers · 20d

mau tanya dong, kalian kalo mandi sore tuh pake face wash ga? terus abis mandi sore langsung skincare ga? misalnya pake skincare abis mandi, malemnya sebelum tidur pake skincare lagi ga? atau pake skincare nya sehabis mandi sore aja? kalo misalnya sebelum tidur pake skincare lagi, cuci muka pake face wash lagi ga?

Gak pake facewash. Basuh air aja. Skincare pake yang basic aja, toner dan moisturizer. Sunscreen too, kalau mandinya masih di atas jam 6 sore. Ntar pas mau tidur baru double cleansing, pake face wash, terus jalanin deh night skincare routine yang sebenernya

Silas · 7 answers · 23d

Imagine a place where you can be your childhood dream(s); where would it be?

A dream is a luxury I couldn't afford when I was a child.. I dunno how to answer this...

kumi · 12 answers · 26d

give me a tips to stop buying unnecessary stuff

𝑒𝓁𝓁𝑒 ! · 22 answers · 24d

hai semuanya, how's life? aku sekarang ulang tahun yaaaay <33

Kei · 5 answers · 29d

hi, moots. tolong kasih rekomendasi musik dongg, aku bosen dengerin lagu itu-itu aja

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