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Jaskar Rahadi · 28 answers · 1mo

Curious question! What is your comfort music when you feel low, do you always listen to that song?

Seventeen's "Kidult" has always been my go-to song when I'm feeling down. Lately, I've found myself reaching for "Yawn" by Seventeen as well during those moments.

Meana · 11 answers · 29d

my fellow introverts, how do you guys recharge your energy? (kecuali tidur)

As an introvert, I recharge my energy by taking some quiet time for myself. This might involve relaxing in my room, listening to music, or catching up on movies or series. I also take a break from social media and avoid anything too social during this time.

Aurich Heindelz · 55 answers · 1mo

If today is your last day on earth, what would you do?

If today were my last day on earth, I would shower my cat with affection and give them lots of kisses. I would also conquer my fears by visiting those places that have always intimidated me and finally do something daring that I've always been too scared to attempt.

Eleanor Julie. · 34 answers · 1mo

Eh temen-temenku, if you could magically become fluent in any language overnight, which one would you choose?

Eleanor Julie. · 1mo

Cherry! If you could have any animal as a pet, mythical or real, what would it be?

If I could have any pet in the world, it would definitely be a pony horse! They're so cute, I just want to cuddle them <3

laskara. · 6 answers · 1mo

what's your coping mechanism, guys?

I think my coping mechanism involves eating something sweet to the point where I hurt my teeth, and watching movies or series to forget everything that's happening in my life... Or sometimes, reading books... Maybe.

sheyie · 8 answers · 1mo

would you be the one who die first in the zombie apocalypse?

If there ever were a zombie apocalypse, I'd probably be the first one gone. More like 'Here you go, zombie, have a snack!' Let's just say my survival skills are...well, nonexistent

친애하는, claire. · 20 answers · 1mo

⋆ ౨ৎ hi, guys! i'm curious about your preferences when it comes to comfort!

suppose you were crying and someone noticed it; what would you want them to do? would you prefer a hug? a pat on the back? i would love to know your soft-spot!

If I were crying and someone noticed, I would prefer them to leave me alone... Well, if they're close enough, maybe a hug would make me feel better.

Nyalacita Ayu · 12 answers · 1mo

Do you enjoy being alone or finding your solace in solitude?

Actually, I do find a lot of solace in solitude! I wouldn't say I dislike spending time with others, but there's a certain comfort in being alone sometimes. It gives me a chance to recharge, unwind, and really focus on my own thoughts and feelings

R. · 30 answers · 2mo

What makes someone less attractive in your eyes?

The constant negativity and disrespect towards others, especially with vulgar language, is a big turn-off

Northenhall · 5 answers · 2mo

Thoughts about Gale, pretty please?

You really come across as such a friendly and kind person! From our very first interaction, I felt that warmth from you. Plus, your sense of humor always cracks me up

Baby · 2mo

May i know what's your type in person? and why it is your type?

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