Harvey Galliard
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Cool People asked 7 months ago

Heya, Harvey. Thank you for the warm reminder. That’s very lovely of you. So you finally get curious about me now? Adorable. What do I get if I answer your curiosity? Intrigue me, Harvey.

Yes, I’m curious about you. Actually, there’s nothing I can offer, but lately we have both been replying to each other, and I still have no idea who you are. Let’s just say my curiosity is an attempt to get to know you. By the way, happy Sunday! Semoga hari ini gak ada yang bikin bad mood ya.

Cool People asked 8 months ago

I wish I can get closer with you.

Religio Laksantara asked 8 months ago · 6 answers

Sejauh ini Juli kalian gimana warga? ^_^

Gracia asked 7 months ago · 8 answers

hai semuanya, apa kabar??? ☆____☆

Cool People asked 7 months ago

hi harvey.. your account caught my attention as a result of one of my friend following you, i find you quite attractive tbh and it makes me frustated. HELP 😭🥺

Cool People asked 7 months ago

Hey again, Harvey. I won’t mind. I did this because I want to. Fyi, your TMI is much needed. I see.. so you are sick :( That's why whenever I click my profile I haven’t received your answer. Thank God you already felt better. I think you need to take some rest again, lessen the phone, eat and drink your medicine well. Fast recovery, Harvey. Don’t get sick again. Rest well tonight, okay?

Thank you, anon! I already feel better today than I did yesterday. I hope you take care of your own health as well, okay? Remember to eat you meals properly and take your vitamins. By the way, I was wondering about something.. how did you find me? I mean, have we already become mutuals in my account or not?

Cool People asked 7 months ago

Harveeey, finally you’re on earth again. I see you now. About the cupid thing, forget it. Just being your SA it’s not a bad choice after all. Oh, my day so far was great! Tmi, I just saw a cockroach minutes ago but all is well now. How about you? Does the universe treat you good today, Harvey?

Hello, there! I’m truly sorry for taking so long to respond. Well, thank you for that.. I just hope you don’t mind or feel burdened to do that. Me? I have a fever, which has made me feel sick for the past two days and I just feel better today, TMI. 💀

Cool People asked 7 months ago

Hi again, Harvey. Well, I did. I’m a fast sleeper that’s why. I’m glad to know that also perhaps you should lessen your caffeine intake or are you having trouble with insomnia?

Hey! I’m glad to hear that. Yeah, maybe I should reduce my consumption of caffeine so I can get proper sleep. Anyway, how was your day?

Cool People asked 7 months ago

I saw such a great question you got here and I can say that I am satisfied with your answer, Harvey. Hey, Cupid do your work now.

Aresha asked 7 months ago

which one do you prefer, brutal honesty or white lies? and why?

Personally, I tend to lean more towards brutal honesty rather than white lies. White lies may seem harmless and even well-intentioned in certain situations, I believe that the long-term consequences of dishonesty outweigh the temporary relief it provides. On the other hand, brutal honesty allows for genuine communication, fosters trust, and I appreciate brutal honesty because it can be refreshing to receive direct feedback or opinions without any sugarcoating.

Cool People asked 7 months ago

Hi again, Harvey. I saw your replies and lets just say, this is our starter of proper conversation, kay? How was your sleep?

I just checked my retro, and it’s lovely that you want to have conversations with me. I slept well, and I’ve been able to rest well after the last few days of staying up late. I think that’s good for myself. So, how about you? Have you enjoyed a nice night’s sleep recently?

Cool People asked 7 months ago

excuse me but do you swing girls or boys?

Cool People asked 7 months ago

Idk what to ask just say anything random here, Harvey

I’m at a loss for words, but I think it would be great if we could have a proper conversation if you don't mind hahahah.

Cool People asked 7 months ago

What a cool name you got there.

Hey, thanks for the compliment! I gotta say, I’m quite fond of my name as well.

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