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Calie Mania · 19h

Naksir banget sama Calie. Ya Allah.

Calie Mania · 2mo

what would you do if your ex seemed to be watching from afar and bothering you?

Calie Mania · 6mo

Tipe cowok yang kamu suka seperti apa? Mau lihat saya cocok atau tidak sama kriteria kamu, jika tidak cocok bakal saya paksa aja.

Calie Mania · 6mo

Eh ini beneran kamu sudah putus?

Calie Mania · 6mo

Kamu edit edit pake app apa deh cal

Januarga · 12mo

Calie, i love you.

Calie Mania · 1y

tinggal tunggu aja🤪

Tunggu kamu ngaca dan bebenah diri sendiri lalu berhenti urusin hidup orang lain? Iya ditunggu ya, nothing you toss away will escape your grasp. Be careful everywhere because it will come back to bite you. 😘 muach

L. Raisel Emory · 5 answers · 1y

Song reccomendations for today?

Calie Mania · 1y

klo kata org2 sekadar mengingatkan 🤪🦶

Jolene Everleigh · 6 answers · 1y

How was your saturday night pipooool

🎀 · 16 answers · 1y

heyyy saran lagu galau yang lagi sering kalian dengerin dong. selain backburner/enchanted please udah 1000 kali denger😭

I know it wont work by Gracie Abrams, I should hate you by Gracie Abrams. Kamu harus denger albumnya yang Good Riddance!

L. Raisel Emory · 4 answers · 1y

How's your June going so far?

With all of my tasks and exams, my June has been so far really hectic, but I can’t wait to finish it and look forward to the holidays :] but everything went without a hitch. I hope June treats you well. 🍬

Calie Mania · 1y

hati2 mba🤠🙏

Mksh ya kebetulan mau berangkat ngampus eh udah dihati-hatiin aja, perhatian bgt Calie mania

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