Anonymous Coward asked almost 2 years ago

why are you cell?

i had a really nice witty non-answer for this but i'm no p*litician so i'll be sincere:

was lurking around fedi, was gravitating towards spc. turns out many of the regulars had quite simple but elegant handles, so i thought, obviously i should follow suit. cell came to mind 'cause it's monosyllabic, and represent many things. cells inside the body, cells in a building, cells in a battery pack, and that cell in that ps3 (used for supercomputing, cause it sure ain't playing any games when there are none)

the gondola avatar came way way later but i feel like its perfect for the same reasons: a blank slate. i came from nothing, i will end up as nothing. but while i'm here i'd like to make the best of it

for all you parasite eve and public education system fans i have a nice quote for ya: the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

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