Amorasha ৎ୭

☆.。You can leave your sparkle here and I'll give you strawberries. ꒰◍ˊ◡ˋ꒱੭⁾⁾ .:*・

Shimmervale, Fairytopia.
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Seth. · 10 answers · 2mo

while I can hardly find one, would you tell me about a meaningful thing, a reason for you to keep holding on until today?

Yessabelle Anami · 7 answers · 4mo

Would you mind to recommend me some movies to watch? Selain horror ya. 🥲

Film yang baru-baru ini aku tonton (bersama pacarku), ada Monster (2023) atau kalau mau film yang ringan untuk ditonton ada Before Sunrise!

Seth. · 22 answers · 3mo

What flower do you associate yourself with?

As you know, my favorite flower is rose, especially the red ones. But I feel it's too strong with its thorns, while I'm not that tough. Instead, I associate myself with dandelions, which are fragile when the wind blows, yet they grow wherever they fall. I feel that describes me well, fragile but still thriving wherever I land, at least from my perspective. Anyway, I'm not very familiar with flower theories, maybe you could provide me with some insights, bubib? I'd be happy to hear them! 🫶🏻

Seth. · 20 answers · 4mo

what instantly came to your mind when you heard my name?

Kassie. · 9 answers · 4mo

Gimana seminggu pertama di 2024nya, temen-temen?

Masih agak kaget ternyata 2024 udah seminggu. Rasanya nano-nano banget padahal masih di awal tahun. Kalau kak Kassie gimana awal tahun 2024nya? <3

Seraphine Emerald. · 5mo

hello hello punch you like an 808

Curious pals · 5mo

lenael itu cantik banget.. indah banget. kok bisa pacarin cw cantik? 🥹

· 5 answers · 5mo

hey pretty lads and gents 💋 spill product lippies favorite kalian dong? hot fellas don’t gatekeep!

Curious pals · 5mo

pacarnya lost spark sama kamu yaa? (genuinely asking)

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