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Ace Porter. · 2 answers · 10d

Does anyone have movies recommendation to kill my boredom? I prefer thriller and action comedy. Thank you in advance.

Unknown · 10d

Kakak, boleh titip salam ke kak Ace? Thank you

Unknown · 12d

halo mbak maddy bias di svt sm tbz siapa? samasama banyak membernya

DK, Ming, Minghao... Anyway, sender, have you seen that Hao Espresso clip? Aku drop di reply, ya. Kamu harus lihat. Also, Younghoon, Juyeon, Sangyeon!

Unknown · 12d

nggak tau mau ngetik apa tapi disuruh nanya-nanya jd yaudah

Unknown · 13d

does that mean you're not romantically interested in anyone at the moment? the last question, miss

Unknown · 13d

i don't have that much courage, miss. if you tell me you don’t set your eyes on someone, i’ll come to the surface and make a move and won't hide behind anon anymore

Well, if keeping my eyes on cats and some handsome men count then yes. Other than that, no, not at the moment.

Unknown · 13d

i’m back again, miss. do you set your eyes on someone already, miss?

So this kind of thing is still a thing, indeed. Come knock on my door and I'll tell you in person instead. May Monday treat you good, sender.

Ace Porter. · 13d

Maddy, sudah lama kamu tidak keliling sembari saya menjaga lilin. Jadilah karyawan yang baik, Maddy.

Ace Porter. · 13d

Maddy, apa aku harus mencuri dompetmu dulu ya sebelum mendapatkan uang?

Unknown · 14d

Maddy, apa aku pakai ava idol kesukaan kamu to get your attention?

Nachelle Celeste. · 1mo

Kak Leine, how's life?

I'm managing. Thank you for asking, cayang. How have you been? Has everything going well on your side? Kangen ngobrol, ya.

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