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𝐤𝐢𝐤𝐲 · 14 answers · 27d

If you were has a chance to join a group / agency (idol/act) what group / agency you want to join with? feed my curiosity please? for me i will join with BOYNEXTDOOR and be the 7th member ^^

Si Fulan · 6mo

NGGAA ga pernah se-OA tapi ada mutual aku yang mutualan sama kakak terus lewat di timeline aku, terus aku kepo dan mau mastiin aja hehe maaf ya kak

Si Fulan · 6mo

IYA anak RP sama CA juga, gak sengaja tweet kakak makan memek simelue tu lewat trs pas stalk emang banda kali 😭 maaf kalau creepy tapi salam kenal! gak maksud apa apa!

Wkwkwk iya gapapa kok 😂😂😂 salam kenal juga ya! Kalo boleh tau, kita pernah se-oa kah??

Si Fulan · 6mo

kakaknya dom banda aceh ya? baru tau ada anak CA dan RP yang disatu daerah 😭

Kai. · 7mo

Sefill wp favorit elukh di gemshin

Miles E. Kairo · 17 answers · 9mo

who wants to befriend wimme in Twitter/X ? i'm sure we aren't mutual there

Of course, but I'm too loud about genshin and other mundane things (sometimes I love to tweeting something randomly—especially rant). If you're okay with them, you can hit me on @seungsikigori

Miles E. Kairo · 28 answers · 9mo

mind to tell me your comfort food?

My comfort food? I have no specific comfort food one, but... Japanese curry is a food that I always order repeated! Oh, noodle with tomyum soup too!

Miles E. Kairo · 27 answers · 9mo

can you suggest a movie or series for me to watch?

Movies? I rarely watch some movies, but I'll recommend you 'Better Days' (I bet you've been watched this before), or 'Nice View'. Both of them are Chinese Movies and roled by same actor!

Miles E. Kairo · 10mo

hello, hann! im the sender on ssefnum who's looking for pals to exchange retrospring with me, mind if i shoot you a follow?

Of course, thanks for a follow and I already followed you back! Nice to know you, sendernim!

Si Fulan · 1y

What is your favourite text editor?

Si Fulan · 1y

What would you do if you woke up with someone else next to you?

Si Fulan · 1y

Have you ever written a love letter?

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