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the scaredy cat · 4d

Happy Eid al-Adha. I hope you're doing fine, Sia!

the scaredy cat · 28d

May I know where you went to? If you still checking this retrospring out anyway.

hi, dearest sender. apologies for the delay in getting back to you. i'm actually here, you know, in real life? kinda being half-dead zombie lmao. nah sorry, i'm currently only active on my private small account. i might be on and off depending on my crazy depression episodes tbh. if you wanna know where, you can reach me, send men a dm bcs i need to know who you are, kkay? have a great day anyway!

the scaredy cat · 2mo

Hi There, how's your day? I hope you're doing fine. Yk, sometimes I miss your random tweets, but it seems you're busy with you real life. Tbvvvh, I kinda miss you. May God bless you, There! 😞

hello, dearest sender. i'm so sorry for the tardy response. i can't say that i'm doing fine lately, but thank you for your kindness in asking me that question. i also feel flattered that you've missed my random tweets, even though they were totally weird and nonsensical. i hope you're doing fine too anyway. don't hesitate to reach me through dm! although i'm not active, i still log into my account, so if there's a notification, i might check it. have a great day and may God bless you too!

Vivianne Mackenzie. · 6 answers · 7mo

It’s been awhile, how’s life treat you lately?

life has its ups and downs, and i'm still here. over the past two weeks, i've noticed positive outcomes in my reading, giving me a glimmer of hope. yet, i can't quite call it a victory because, come nighttime, i close my eyes, secretly wishing not to wake up the next morning. however, each morning brings a fresh wave of pain. it feels like i 'have to' choose coffee as i open my eyes to face the day. perhaps that tiny glimmer of hope is akin to a sprinkle of coffee for me? i'm not sure.

Abe. · 8 answers · 7mo

If you had to pick a character from a book, movie, or TV show like you, who would it be and why?

Alaska Young from Looking for Alaska! i feel a lot of similarities with her. i mean we both are sagittarius bitches, such as having a bold nature, a love for adventure, being moody, and being unpredictable (pft). both of us are equally unstable fr. we are also insanely impulsive and happen to share the same temperament type: optimistic-melancholic. even though she's unhinged, she's incredibly cool (i love her sm). she is me, and i am her.

the scaredy cat · 7mo


Harsa. · 20 answers · 7mo

Hi, what song are you currently listening to on repeat?

the song "My Way" by ATEEZ is meaningful to me because its lyrics provide hope and motivation, particularly for the recent period of my life. give the song a listen, you'll love it!

the scaredy cat · 7mo

Loh ther? Kenapa close?

i'm unsure how to respond to this question without creating a negative perception (especially about myself) for others reading it. basically, i'm currently focused on improving my life, so i'll be minimizing excessive thoughts and emotions in the online realm..

the scaredy cat · 7mo

Saw your tweets this morning, get well soon, There.

Cassie. · 2 answers · 8mo

Ada TMI apa hari ini?

i awoke with the most dreadful sensation i've ever experienced, the kind that arises from knowing something you shouldn't. yet, i am thankful that divine intervention brought it to my attention swiftly, averting a potentially more devastating situation. still, i wish to remain oblivious, or perhaps, i merely wish not to wake up this morning.

the scaredy cat · 9mo

You are so gayyyy

the scaredy cat · 12mo

Hey where are you? I miss you cia :(

hi, dearest sender. i'm here! even though there are days when i don't show up on the timeline, i'm still here and i will always be here. you can always contact me anytime. if you don't have my telegram, you can knock on my dm.🤍

tunAa! 😼 · 19 answers · 11mo

You're enough just as you are, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Embrace the things that make you unique. I'm so proud of you for doing your best, I don't know what are you going trough but you're going to get through it, keep going!!

Jean · 8 answers · 1y

What kind of people are you attracted to?

i said this a lot or maybe too frequently, but the answer is.. people who have a bright sexy brain. the one that can stimulate my brain and brainstorm or even deep talk with me. tbh smart people are literally my top tier of attractive people.

Jean · 7 answers · 1y

Last movie that made you cry?

dead poets society. yes, i watched that movie again, a hundred times. and people who follow me on my priv probably know how dramatic i was that night.

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